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​​​​​​​In the next few days I will be giving a series of three webinars in which I will take you into 'The Light Side' of everything that has transpired last year. And of where we are now, where all of it led us.

I came here to work on this mega project and in recent years we have accomplished some very, very beautiful and big things that contribute the massive shift that is happening.

We are many. Both here on earth and outside. We work closely together. Maybe you're a part of that, too. And we have an impact. And the changes we have wrought are magical and beautiful throughout the Earth and Human Consciousness. It has unfolded like a flower, and each petal brought more. It has led us to now. The Giant Arises

Do you want to know what has happened from a much, much broader view than what you're used to? And do you want to know where it is all going? Do you want the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place for you, do you want to experience the aha moments and the peace, the trust and the love? Or do you already know a lot about it, but just want to hear it again, see it in perspective?

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You will receive a replay that will only be valid for two days. After that, the next webinar is already there. All the webinars will appear soon on my website, I will keep you posted with the link through my email list and Facebook. If you are thinking about joining the Giant Arises: we start on the 28th of march. So read the ebook or watch the webinars before hand so you know what it's all about!

Even if you don't want to join me with The Giant Arises, I hope you enjoy these webinar and/or the ebook that contains all the info as well

Perhaps it raises a lot of questions for you, or it may give you a lot of answers. Maybe it awakens something inside of you and you want to know more. Maybe you'll  become curious, confused, or amazed.

Do you want to know more, do you want answers, do you want clarity? You can have it. I have loads of free stuff for you. From inspiration and insights to exercises and practical tools and everything in between. And more and more is added, all the time, on

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All this will help you to navigate earth-plane-reality like a boss. Sometimes you just need to get the wind in your sails. And find your Freedom To Fly, the freedom to live your life as the Powerful Reality Creator that you really are.


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✅ The Webinars, the Ebook and the sessions are all in English. Experience tells me that for most people, it's way easier to follow than they think. Also, you can always ask questions in Dutch, or ask me to explain. Its all quite informal.

See you soon!
Xx Marieke

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